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Food is at the heart of every event, and I aim to cater to the needs of your event, big or small.  With health a main priority, all of the dishes can be made with fully organic and whole grain ingredients  The menu can also be customized to accomodate a number of dietary restrictions.  Please contact me with any special requests as food options are flexible.


Meet the chef

Hello and welcome!  I was born and raised in Iran and lived there until moving to the United States 35 years ago.  In the Persian culture cooking is an art that is the center of warm and joyful gatherings with friends and family.  My cooking combines my deep Persian roots with the many modern cultural influences that I have experienced throughout my life. I aim to combine healthy ingredients to craft delicious and unique creations.  


Feel free to email or call me with any questions or comments

NASRIN316@GMAIL.COM / TEL 607.342.0544

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Basil & Thyme


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